Training for Green Growth

16/06/2017 - 1172 Views

The objective of the Human Capacity Development programme is to create a shared understanding of green growth and green economy amongst staff at key Vietnamese institutions relevant to the realization of the Vietnam Green Growth Strategy (VGGS) and associated National Action Plans. It includes a Young Fellows programme, aiming to provide participants a joint understanding of the basic concepts and policy instruments for green economy. The second pillar are special course programmes, which provide leading staff from key ministries with practical approaches to facilitate the implementation of the Vietnam Green Growth Strategy, transferable knowledge for the development of green economy policies in their sphere of influence and networks with other national policy-makers to facilitate cross-cutting policy-making in the future. In 2015 and 2016, 60 staff from targeted institutions in the macro-economic programme in Vietnam took part in the HCD programme as young fellows. A further 47 high-level managerial staff and leading experts from targeted institutions have participated in either a special course or a high-level study tour.

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