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Since the beginning of comprehensive reform initiatives in 1990s, Viet Nam has developed rapidly accompanied by impressive economic growth and thus is nowadays characterised as a lower middle-income country. Nevertheless, its recent growth has been fuelled by the extensive use of labour, natural resources and capital. In order to follow its growth track, Viet Nam must therefore increase productivity of use of factors and improve the quality of growth. In 2012, Viet Nam adopted the National Green Growth Strategy as a new orientation towards the overall objective to improve the quality of growth. This reorientation of growth policy implies an important effort of policy coordination between government institutions on the central as well as on the provincial level. The ministry in charge of this policy coordination for the implementation of the green growth strategy is the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). The programme supports the ministry in its role as coordinator for the Green Growth Strategy implementation.


The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) will effectively coordinate the implementation of the National Strategy for Green Growth with the Vietnamese government agencies in order to achieve the objectives of the Strategy.


The programme supports the development of legal and administrative instruments for the coordination of the Green Growth Strategy. Therefore, it fosters the coherence between sectoral green growth plans and the national plan. Beyond, it supports the design of green growth action plans on the provincial level and develops a training programme for civil servants on issues related to green growth for the provinces. Their participation in the general Human Capacity Development (HCD) component of the programme is promoted as well as the participation of Vietnamese government officials in international green growth related conferences. Finally, the programme supports policy dialogues on the national and provincial levels.


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