The 2nd technical meeting on Social & Gender impact assessment (SIA/GIA)

31/03/2021 - 468 Views

On 22nd of March 2021 in Hanoi, the Project Social Dimension in Sustainable Green Growth in Vietnam (GIZ SD Project) supported the Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs (Department of Legal Affairs) and Ministry of Justice (Department of General Issues on Legislative Development) to organize a technical meeting on integrating social and gender impact assessment (SIA/GIA) in legislative development. This is a regular activity of the SIA/GIA taskforce which was set up in October 2020 in the cooperation activity between MOJ and MOLISA with the technical assistance of GIZ SD Project. The participants of the taskforce come from Legal Departments of 11 ministries and agencies such as MOJ, MOLISA, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Ministry of Nature Resources & Environment, Ministry of Education & Training, Ethnic Minority Committee.

In the meeting, the participants and experts together discussed and shared the updates of Decree 154/2020/ND-CP, issued on 31/12/2020 detailing a number of articles and measures to implement the law on promulgating legal documents, and draft Framework of SIA/GIA Reference list built by MOJ in order to guild the members to apply, and a Checklist for integrating SIA/GIA in policy development of MARD.

Besides, representatives of Department of General Issues on Legislative Development - MOJ and Department of Legal Affairs - MOLISA shared their recognition of the meaning of the SIA/GIA inter-agency taskforce activity in capacity building for legal agencies to improve the quality of policy impact assessment report required by the Law, directly contributing to the enhancement of legislative development in Vietnam.

The products of SIA/GIA Reference List and Checklist to be built by the taskforce members will be a helpful tool for agencies conducting policy impact assessment when proposing policy plans/draffs based on qualitative and quantitative methods. Especially, these lists will help policy makers self-check the integration of social aspects and gender equality right in the period of developing Law proposals in order to identify both positive and negative impacts, avoiding missing issues may occur to vulnerable groups and minorities. Mr. Nguyen Hong Tuyen, Director of Department of General Issues on Legislative Development – MOJ shared his expectation on these products on supporting MOJ to effectively appraise draft policies in Law proposal documents and report to the Government afterwards.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Huong Nguyen, Project Officer

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