Operation Plan 2021 Kickoff Workshop - GIZ SD Project

24/03/2021 - 362 Views

On March 17, 2021, the Legal Department of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) and the Project "Social dimension of sustainable green growth in Vietnam" (GIZ SD Project) organized Operation Plan 2021 Kickoff Workshop in Melia Hotel in Ba Vi, Hanoi. There representatives of all implementation partners of the project from MOLISA (Legal Affairs Department, International Cooperation Department, Social Insurance  Department, Office of the Ministry and the Institute of Labour, Science and Social Affairs), Ministry of Planning and Investment (Department of Education , Science and Natural Environment), Ministry of Justice (Department of General Affairs of Law Development), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Legal Affairs Department). There are also the attendance of the Principal and Vice Principal of 3 participating universities (Hanoi Law University, University of Social Sciences and the Humanities and University of Labor and Social Affairs) in the workshop.  

The workshop emphasizes the important role of GIZ SD Project in assisting MOLISA and other relevant ministries and government agencies in Vietnam to promote the integration of social dimensions into the policy making and implementing process especially green growth policies. Leader of all involving stakeholders shared their high appreciation to the effectiveness and timely technical assistance of GIZ SD Project and confirmed their highest commitment to direct and urge the 2021 operation plan forward to be completed as scheduled. In the last year of the project’s implementation, MOLISA expects that all products that have been developed with assistance from GIZ SD project such as the SIA/GIA handbook, the ToT training material, the proposed guidance on developing legislation’s report on gender equality mainstreaming, check-lists on SIA/GIA integration in legislative development, the syllabus on SIA to be integrated into formal academic training of universities or the toolkits in greening MOLISA legislations, etc. will be completed on time with the highest possible effective and in any possible extend would be digitalized for ensuring the sustainability of the project’s intervention and shareable to a broader public including online.   

For more information, please contact: Ms Tran Huyen My, Project Officer

Project “Social Dimension of Sustainable Green Growth”

Email: my.tran@giz.de


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