SBV honors GIZ Vietnam leaders and managers

12/08/2016 - 1743 Views

(Hanoi) The State Bank of Vietnam (SVB) organised an awarding ceremony of certificate of merit and commemorative medals by SBV Governor to Deutsche GesellschaftfürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Vietnam leaders and managers.

Within the cooperation framework between the two Governments, since 1993, the German Government through GIZ has continuously provided programs and projects to support sound and strong development of Vietnam’s banking sector in the context of economic transformation and comprehensive international integration.

GIZ has been proactively cooperating and supporting SBV in establishment of legal and institutional frameworks required for implementing its state management functions and ensuring sound and effective operation of banking system, prominent examples are the Law on State Bank of Vietnam and Law on Credit Institutions, monetary policy and its instruments, in particular open market operation instrument, anti-dolarisation strategy, and internal audit and internal control framework for commercial banks…

Presenting certificate of merit and commemorative medals by SBV Governor toMrJochem Lange, GIZ Country Director (Photo: ATP)

In addition, it has always paid great attention on sustainable capacity building for banking personnel. A number of systematical and advanced training programs have been provided by GIZ in cooperation with SBV for hundreds of banking managers and experts, of which the most remarkable are executive training program, training programs on risk management and risk-based management, on bank audit and International Accounting Standards, and many other specialized training courses, workshops.

Being developed on the basic of successful cooperation in the past 20 years, the “Macroeconomic Reforms/Green Growth Program” is continuing to focus on supporting SBV to formulate institutional and legal framework, to improve capacity on green finance - banking - credit, thus contributing to implementation of the tasks assigned by the Government on green growth and restructuring the economy towards sustainability.

Presenting commemorative medals by SBV Governor to GIZ Vietnam leaders and managers (Photo: ATP)

Under the witness of Mr Christian Berger, German Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr Nguyen Dong Tien, Standing Deputy Governor of SBV presents certificate of merit to MrJochem Lange, GIZ Country Director; presents commemorative medals to MrJochem Lange, GIZ Country Director; Dr Michael Krakowski, Program Director and Chief Technical Advisor and some other key personnel of the Program as an acknowledgement of effective and active contribution by these individuals in particular, and by GIZ in general in providing supports to restructure and development of Vietnam’s banking sector./.

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