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In order to enable relevant partner organisations to implement reforms and to strengthen sustainably capacity of key stakeholders, Human Capacity Development (HCD) measures play an important role in the programme. Professionals and managers of selected institutions, who are strategically relevant for the implementation of the Green Growth Strategy, will participate in trainings and advanced trainings in Viet Nam and abroad to develop comprehensive competences (professional competence, personal competence, management skills, leadership skills) and initiate sustainable changes in their institutions. Taking into account the dimension of the Green Growth Strategy, participants coming from relevant institutions other than the main partners of the programme may be included in the activities as well. The focus will be on priority sectors of German Development Cooperation with Viet Nam.


Overall objective is the implementation of measures for an ecologically and socially sound growth process in the frame of the Green Growth Strategy through the Vietnamese government.


The Human Capacity Development (HCD) for Green Growth offers substantial training measures for members of all relevant government institutions in green growth topics in Germany and Viet Nam, which foster the development of a common understanding of green growth concepts


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